Can the steps be read in automatically?

As long as the pedometer you want to use is equipped with an API, we read in your daily achieved steps automatically for you.

Is it possible to plan an individual route for our company?

There is a possibility for individual routes. If you know an appealing route for you and your employees or your colleagues, contact us.

What are points of interest?

Along the whole trail there are information windows about interesting places or villages. Those POIs are intermediate targets for the user and should motivate him or her to reach the finish.

In what languages is step.COACH available?

The dashboard is available in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Swedish.

A lot of the employees in our company like cycling or swimming. However, these sports cannot be measured in terms of steps. Is there a possibility that those people can participate in the walking competition after all?

Yes, of course. Even those people do something for their health and should therefore be able to take part in the walking competition. We have explicitly designed a conversion table that for example converts the kilometers travelled by bike.

Can we adapt the step.COACH to our CI/CD?

• We provide the opportunity that step.COACH may be offered as a White Label solution.

• Fonts, font sizes and colours can be adjusted according to your wishes within the program.

How accurate are pedometers?

Pedometers react to concussions in your body emerging when taking a step. If you take very small steps or touch down especially carefully, it might happen that the pedometer doesn’t count those steps. Nevertheless, the accuracy is 95%- regardless of whether you walk, jog, run or toss a ball.

Can step.COACH be used as a portable device?

step.COACH can be used on tablets and smartphones.

How can you support us during our campaign?

We offer you the opportunity of, within the scope of a kick-off event (start of campaign), firstly, presenting and explaining step.COACH to you and secondly, giving a talk about the topics below, if requested:

• Exercise in the workplace- How much of it is healthy?

• Training and work- What do they have in common?

• Movement and relaxation management in the workplace

On request, communicative support and information about the campaign will be done by step.COACH. We offer to send an e-mail containing all of the necessary information in Allied Vision Look prior to the start of the campaign.

On request, participants can be reminded to enter their steps after a freely selectable time span. This is a tool that helps keeping motivation high and therewith contributes to the campaign’s success.

Who provides support?

We provide direct support with the employees and we offer individual help for employees.

What happens at the end of the campaign?

After the campaign, a detailed movement analysis will be provided. It will contain detailed information about the physical activity of the employees.

After completing the campaign, the employees would like to stay active.

Following the physical action campaign, we make our fee-based training schedule available for the employees for free during one month. Active people are provided with a post-programme. This promotes the sustainability of the campaign.